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The Best Training in Town!

Kennel Club Registered

Dog Training Chelmsford, Billericay, Brentwood, Ingatestone

From puppy to advanced


Welcome to Chelmsford Dog Training and Puppy School, Kennel Club Registered, where we focus on pet dog training from the very beginning. You and your favourite faithful friend will learn all you need to know for obedience for a happy owner and dog alike.

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If you are reading this it is quite likely you are the owner of a puppy, so firstly, congratulations on your new companion! At Chelmsford and Margaretting Puppy School we know the joy and excitement this brings, (alongside a few challenges)!!

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We are always delighted to meet new puppies and their owners at our friendly club and love to help you on your journey together.  Our moto is always “Encourage not discourage”.

Happy Pup

Puppies are bright, inquisitive animals that thrive when they are learning and pleasing their owners. So, do come along and meet the team where your puppy can have a fun time socialising with other canine friends and we can show you a wonderful range of teaching methods and skills to bring out the very best potential in your dog.
And remember, this is just the beginning…………..!!!

Cute Puppy

Puppies are welcomed 14 days after their second vaccination.



Monday Evenings at Margaretting Village Hall near Chelmsford

Puppy School                                 5.30-6.15         Learning Puppy Foundation Award

Puppy Plus/Beginners                 6.15-7.00         Learning Bronze Award & More

Bronze                                             7.00-7.45         Learning Silver Award & More

Silver                                                7.45-8.30         Learning Gold Award & More

Gold                                                 8.30-9.15         Advanced

Display Team                                 9.15-10.00

Our puppy courses last for eight weeks and are tailored to the age and breed of your dog. Our classes are small to ensure individual tuition along with group activities. They are stimulating for both owners and pups using effective and proven techniques that reward good behaviour.

Puppy School

This course includes different exercises that will cover a wide variety of puppy obedience from basic commands, socialisation, manners, responsibility and care.


You will learn basic positions; sit, down and stand. How to do a perfect puppy recall and have your puppy return to you every time you call his/her name. Your puppy will learn how to walk nicely by your side on lead, ensuring it is you taking your dog for a walk and not the other way round! You will also learn how to teach your puppy to stay in a position for a short period of time.  Whilst playing with your puppy you will learn how to take different articles away so that they learn to give up toys and other items nicely when asked.


Your puppy will be gradually introduced to lots of new things; unfamiliar people, other dogs, strange noises. We will teach your puppy how to gently make friends with other dogs and people to ensure a well mannered and sociably friendly dog as it grows into adulthood and to avoid any undesirable behaviour such as over boisterousness when meeting new dogs/people or even nervousness as your puppy gets older. All of which are too commonly seen today and the main reason that dogs end up in rehoming centres.


Emphasis is on the puppy learning through play and this course is designed to be fun!

Successful completion of this course will set the foundations for a well mannered and socialised companion and will enable progression up to the next level and also onto the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme which is taught at all levels.

On successful completion of each of our courses your dog will receive a Kennel Club Certificated rosette and certificate.

If you would like more detailed information on our various classes please either give us a call on 07376 949987 or use the contact form.

If you are interested in attending our puppy school, please again, call us on 07376  949987 or use the contact form to secure a place on this or the other classes.


Dogs with behavioural issues are not allowed in our pet dog training classes as it is not the correct place to  help them and would also expose other dogs, that do not have problems, to unnecessary stress and risks. We do however, offer one to one training so that they can be integrated into main stream classes when they are ready. If you are interested please contact us.

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Please ensure you bring your vaccination records to the first class so these can be verified.

Flexi/extendable leads are not appropriate for class conditions as they easily tangle around legs, human or canine and they may encourage your dog to pull. Please ensure your dog is wearing an ordinary collar and lead. Choke and slip collars of any kind are not permitted in classes.

Please do not feed your dog immediately before coming to class but do bring some food treats that your dog particularly likes; tiny pieces of cheese or liver cake are usually popular. All treats should be small – no larger than a garden pea.

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Premises Information

Margaretting Village Hall, Chelmsford complies with the access requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and there is access for wheelchairs and suitable toilet facilities.

There is ample parking in front of the hall. For directions please click the link to Margaretting Village Hall’s website.

For Fun See Richard's Dog Care Video 8E

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Get in touch with Chelmsford & Margaretting Dog Training & Puppy School to learn more about our training services.

Margaretting Village Hall, Wantz Road, Margaretting, Chelmsford CM4 0EP, UK

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All our instructors are CRB checked, Kennel Club registered and every team member is approachable and here to help. They give their time free to ensure fees are kept to a minimum and any profits made are ploughed back into the club.

Our aim for every class is to have a veterinary nurse in attendance.

We are passionate about what we do and want to share that with you.

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